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Why Measuring Your YouTube Analytics Matters

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Measuring your YouTube Analytics is very important because it will allow you to understand how can you optimise your channel’s performance. Discover how!

YouTube Analytics matters because you can track your data and your video’s performance. YouTube algorithms are unpredictable, and the competition is high; by learning the analytics part, you most likely have a better chance of developing a great marketing strategy. 

Once you gather all the essential information, you will have a detailed roadmap to guide you to do better for you and your target audience. The data you can monitor in YouTube Analytics will allow you to evaluate better your future publication. The elements you can track are:

  • Videos performance 
  • Watch time
  • Audience
  • Engagement
  • Content

In the overview report, you can see the information on your videos and most recent performance, and metrics such as views and watch time.

Subscriber Count: Understand what topics are performing well

The subscriber count gives you a good idea of what subjects performed well for you. Go to your Youtube Studio > Analytics > Overview chart > See Live Count. This section allows you to see and understand:

  • Which videos performed the best in terms of views
  • What does the view duration look like, as well as watch time
  • Which videos performed better than others
  • Traffic source
  • Geography
  • Age
  • Gender

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Understand what has been happening for the past month

To understand what’s been going on over the past month, change the time frame to see a good representation in a month. It gives you a pretty good report of everything in that time frame, including what your views look like while comparing one day to another. Go to your Youtube Studio > Analytics > Overview chart > Last 28 days.

You will be able to see what happens day by day and identify big spikes in your views. It will also let you:

  • See what your uploading days are doing for you and see how many views you’re getting
  • Click on your watch time and see a performance by hours 
  • Look at the actual hours instead of converting the minutes 
  • You can see your number of subscribers, and it will be shared day by day 

Discover your prime time

If you’re trying to figure out what time to upload your YouTube videos, look at how you’re getting the most views. This section will give you a good idea of when your audience is active on the platform and when you should upload your YouTube videos.

To identify your channel’s prime time, Go to your Youtube Studio > Analytics > Audience > When your viewers are on YouTube. You will be able to see different shades of violet; the darkest bars are when your audience is watching your videos. Procure to post 2 hours before that time since it takes time to index those postings.

Traffic source 

This is one of the most interesting elements in YouTube Analytics because once you have clicked on the traffic source and understand where your views are coming from, you will be able to target your niche better.  Most views will come from your subscriptions and browse features, and they will be shown in blue.  Go to your Youtube Studio > Analytics > Audience > Top Geographies. You will see the demographics from where you have the most traffic.

Video analytics – understanding one specific video’s performance

There is a way to look at your videos individually and see how the analytics perform within the analytic platform.

Go to your Youtube Studio > Dashboard > Go To Video Analytics > Advanced Mode > Search Across Channel > Type the video you are looking for.

Even though you can have an overview of the whole channel, you can get as specific as possible, like going within each video and comparing data and performance when you are in YouTube Analytics. 

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