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What does Vudini Platform do?

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Vudini platform has 6 easy steps that will help you in your publishing process.

Vudini is the power behind your brand online, driving visibility and boosting sales through video SEO and video commerce. We’ve mastered the moment of magic. We capture your audience at the peak point of interest and convert desire into sales. With fewer steps to purchase, there are more opportunities to sell.

Vudini platform automates and optimizes over 200 processes across video, keywords, ranking AI, launch, convert, SEO and content teams.

Vudini is a video SEO and a marketing platform that helps companies to manage their content, video publication and ranking. It helps customers to attract visitors to their websites.

We bring your branded video content to the top and keep it there. In a flash, your brand’s visibility is enhanced and revenue skyrockets. We maximise conversion by allowing your customers to transact as they consume. Vudini gets you a better return on investment and gives your brand the power to get ahead Google approved AI Video SEO platform.

Vudini Platform – 6 steps process for video optimization

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1. Video Upload or create a new video: 

On Vudini platform, you will be able to upload a video and drive traffic to your website, customize your video, thumbnails and visuals. Here our system will optimize your video and do the extra work for you, because in this function the JSON file puts on video the thumbnails and does the job for you. We are combining video in full definition immediately.  

2. Geotargeting and Keywords: 

In this process you will be able to select your audience and add the keywords. First, you geo-target your audience, add the location and your website or youtube channel. The reason for targeting is to specify location data. Next, you add the keywords that will help you to rank. You can rank in short and long-tail keywords. You can add your own keywords or use the suggested one. This will allow you to Publish directly to your Youtube channel as well as to your website (subdomain or subdirectory)

3. Ranking AI: 

Our AI will generate high scoring content and tags based on your keywords. Based on similar high ranking keywords, the AI will provide you with content and title that will help you to rank best in Google and YouTube searches. Even though this is a great ranking opportunity that will save you time and money, you could do some editing to customize the results to your brand. 

4. Launch:

Launch your video anywhere on the web –YouTube, Social or your own site.

5. Convert:

Let visitors sign-up, buy and convert directly in the video. On Vudini platform you can enjoy all the benefits of video interactivity by adding a shopping cart that can launch from video and add contact forms to capture leads. All in one place!

6. SEO & content teams:

Ensure your content is found and drives customer action across YouTube and Google with smarter AI-driven content production and publishing.

Need all the ranking factors to get more views and subscribers on YouTube? Download the full guide below.

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9 ways to get more views and subscribers on your YouTube channel

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