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How to Get More Views on Youtube with Video Content

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If you use video content your brand wont miss out opportunities to engage with the audience.

The content in your video is the most important factor in deciding just how many views it will get. Good content will result in better viewer engagement analytics. Then YouTube’s algorithm will recognize and reward your video with better organic search positioning.

The more engaging the video is the better the watch time and overall engagement. Be sure to start your video with engaging content as the first 15 seconds is key to retaining them for the full video.

Your video content should provide value to the viewer; whether it’s teaching them how to do or understand something, or simply keeping them engaged and entertained. When users find your content valuable, they’ll return for more and increase the views on your other future.

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What is Video Content Marketing?

Video content marketing is when brands make video content to raise their presence online. Video formats can be published on YouTube, live video, webinars, social networks and courses. They are a great way to explain your product.

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Why is video content so important?

Video content is important because Google includes YouTube videos on the first page for many searches. Uploading videos to YouTube can help you to get on top of that search. 

For instance, if you search for “how to edit videos on imovie”, after the feature snippet video and the people ask, a list of videos start to be displayed.

  • With 60 billion hours worth of video views per month, YouTube is the second largest search engine online
  • 80% of Internet consumer traffic comes from video content
  • 87% of online marketers use Video content
  • 100 hours of videos are uploaded every minute
  • 93% of marketers who use video say that it’s an important part of their marketing strategy

What is a video content strategy?

Video is a powerful medium to communicate a story and deliver your message. It can help you in your campaigns and content marketing strategies. It also allows you to build a relationship with your viewers. It’s time for your business to create video content as a marketing strategy.

How do I make good video content?

Video marketing is more simple than it looks. It’s about getting acquainted with what video content people like the most and trying to produce more of that. Evaluate what is working for your campaigns and publish regularly.

There are different types of video content that will allow you to attract subscribers, increase viewers and build brand awareness.

“How to” type of video example – Nick Nimmin
  1. Live action screencast: it is a demonstration on “how to” youtube videos. Good for entertainment value with education
  2. Animation: it is good for breaking down difficult to understand subjects into a more easy understanding
  3. Video vlogs: it documents your journey. It is cost effective and it has an authentic approach. Influencers, athletes and celebrities share this type of video content
  4. Behind the scene video: it exposes the brand culture and tells a story. This will definitely set you apart from the competition. This allows customers to connect with the brand.
  5. Product review: reviewing products, answering questions and showing benefits of the product, this gives all the information consumers need to know in order to make a purchase
  6. Presentation: it creates a compelling shareable video that allows you to increase brand presence. TED talk is an example of that
  7. Live stream: for breaking news, sports and announcements
  8. Interview: these are good for building brand authority
  9. Webinar: free live event, no script need it
  10. Event: you can reach a massive audience that are missing out the event and create brand recognition
  11. Testimonial: how your product and services make people happy
  12. Brand film: this is great when taking viewers to a journey. This is a long from type of video with a storytelling component that will attract people
Presentation video example – TED – Luvvie Ajayi Jones

Vidyard’s research shows that the average retention rate for videos across the board is 52%, but the amount of time people will spend watching your videos depends on how long they are. About 68% of people will watch a business video all the way through if it’s under 1 minute. Over 20 minutes? You’re going to reach only 25% of people.

According to a survey conducted by Wyzowl, 80% of people stated that product videos gave them more confidence when purchasing a product online.

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