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The 5 Biggest Mistakes That People Are Making On Youtube & How To Fix Them

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Getting people to like your videos is one thing, but convincing them to subscribe to your channel is a whole other ballgame. Many YouTubers often wonder why their videos have so many likes, but their channel lacks the subscribers they need to sustain their success. This can often happen because they are making some elementary mistakes in their videos – mistakes that can often go unnoticed.

While you may think your latest video is a masterpiece, YouTube’s algorithms may disagree. Good video content that meets specific standards and consistently delivers quality material that people want to see is critical to ensure that you rank well and encourages YouTube to promote your videos on your behalf.

But first, we need to stop making the common mistakes that so many YouTubers unwittingly commit. We look at 5 of the biggest subscriber-killing errors that people are making on YouTube and how to go about fixing them.

5 Mistakes to Avoid on YouTube

  1. Forgetting to Ask People to Subscribe

    Believe it or not, one of the biggest mistakes that people make on YouTube is frankly forgetting to ask people to like their videos and subscribe to their channels. This can be due to forgetfulness, lousy scripting, or simply believing that you don’t need to ask people to take action.

    A great tactic is to include a ‘like and subscribe’ CTA inside the first 30 seconds of your video, and then – more importantly – again towards the end. This can include a simple reminder for viewers to click on the relevant buttons with a short motivation about why they should do so.

  2. Bad Audio, Lighting & Editing
    Nobody wants to see shaky, grainy camerawork, fuzzy audio and dim lighting that looks like a high school project gone wrong. With so many tools at our disposal, shooting and editing high-quality video is no longer reserved for top-end media agencies.

    Invest in good equipment and learn how to edit. Most smartphones boast 4K cameras with quality microphones and AI-enhanced video software. Think about using the easy-to-use editing programs at our disposal, from free options like Lightworks and mobile-friendly KineMaster to more advanced paid-for choices like Adobe Premiere Pro and Wondeshare Filmora.
  3. Creating Boring Videos that People Won’t Watch
    First impressions are everything on YouTube. 20% of users will leave a video if it hasn’t hooked them within the first 10 seconds, and that number only goes up if they lose interest inside a minute. Besides watching as boring video damages how people see your brand, YouTube also sees this as a big no-no.

    Ensure your videos include a powerful opening ‘hook’ statement that grabs viewers’ attention out of the gate and keeps your content engaging and interesting. Try to get a neutral third party to check out and honestly critique your video before uploading.
  4. Making Video Content that Lacks Suspense
    It doesn’t matter what your video is about. If it gives away everything early on, people will simply stop watching as soon as they’ve seen what they’re there to see. Suspense is what keeps people engaged, not titles.

    Reserve the most important bits of information until the end of your video, keeping people watching to find out your big reveal. Be smart here and give them just enough juicy pieces to keep them interested before delivering the big reveal in your finish.

  5. Not Putting the Viewer First
    It’s easy to lose focus while you’re making your video. Often, a creator will get so involved with the look and quality of the video they’re making that they get side-tracked and forget to create content tailored for the viewer themself.
    Keep your audiences’ needs central to your process. Remind yourself of your video’s original goals and objectives every step of the way, and, if you veer off course, remember, it’s better to return and re-do the work than to post something that isn’t focussed on your audience at all.



It’s easy to make the common mistakes that hurt your ability to convert viewers into subscribers, but it’s even easier to correct them. Keeping viewers hooked with engaging content, reminding them to follow your channel and delivering exciting videos that focus on the viewer’s needs is a sure-fire way to allow you to concentrate on the finer details of your optimising channel and videos, ensuring that you’re always growing your YouTube subscriber base.

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