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Find your Target Audience and Customise your Video Marketing Message

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Marketers must create targeted, personalized experiences for customers to grab their attention and win over a thousand brands and advertisers out there. By developing a comprehensive understanding of their ideal buyer, they can make a more informed decision. 

Your target audience is a group of consumers most likely you want them to buy your product or service. The variables that can determine your target audience are gender, age, location, income, and interests. As a business owner understanding your target audience is vital. 

All types of businesses can make video work for their budget and goals. You can shoot a 4K video from your smartphone and even edit your videos with user-friendly software. Video marketing lets you promote your brand and products with a video.

Find your Target Audience

Finding the right audience for your brand is critical, as finding your target audience can specifically target video marketing to your key audience with accurate precision and specificity. Analyze your metrics across your existing social channels to figure out who your target audience is, and if that data is not yet readily available, try to do data analysis of the audience of your main competitors.

Figuring out your audience is vital because you need to understand who your intended audience is. You want to make sure that those who are meant to watch your video watch them. So, how to identify your target audience?

  1. Brainstorming with your crew: discuss with your team members your target audience and video maketing
  2. Write a profile: name, job, age, and interests
  3. What are their needs?
  4. How will they benefit from your product or services?
  5. What stage of the buyer’s journey are they at? 

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Type of Target Audience

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Different categories can segment target audiences such as interest, location, and demographics. It is a way in which you can break your audience down into:

  1. Interest: you can create groups based on their interests, such as hobbies. It allows you to connect with your audience. This will help you to make personalized messages that go straight to your audience and generate brand loyalty. 
  2. Purchase intention: create groups of people that are looking for specific products. To understand your audience and create tailored messages, you must use this type of segmentation.
  3. Subcultures: it is related to a group of people that shares similar experiences. Once you understand your target audience’s motivation, you will understand who you are trying to connect with. 
  4. Demographics: a video intended to appeal to a particular age group
  5. Needs: data that targets a set of needs and helps people
  6. Location: video – information about a festival aimed at residents of certain place
  7. Personality: personality traits play an important rol when developing a particular video for people with certain humor
  8. Lifestyle: how people spend their time and what are their hobbies
  9. Attitud: your audience need to be based in how certain people feel about a particular topic.

How to Establish your Target Audience?

To do so, you must analyze your data, consumer engagement and evaluate your customer’s purchases. To be successful in establishing your target audience, you need to do the following steps:

Identify Who is Buying your Product

Identify who already buys your product or services, their age, where they are located, and what they are interested in. The best way to do this is by engaging in surveys.

Marketing Research 

Develop marketing research for your industry and identify what the customers need and that your product or service can provide help to fulfill those needs. Determine your product’s unique value and analyze your competitors.

Create Personas

This strategy can help you to segment your target audience, especially if you have a big audience. Personas will let you determine personalities, demographics, and needs. This is created based on data and surveys that provide information regarding your customer’s hobbies. It is common to have more than one persona. Also is vital to identify who your target audience is not. 


The more you interact with your customers, the more data you will obtain, and it will increase the accurate understanding of your target audience.

Google Analytics

This is by far the best for data analysis about users that visit your website. It can help you by giving you input about which channels are dragging the most audience and what content they are engaging the most. This will make you make more data-driven decisions.

Everyone is different and the more specific you are with your target audience, the better for your video marketing message. You will definitely connect with your audience and tailor your messages to them.

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