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Video Marketing: What Story do you Want to Tell your Audience and How to Connect with Them?

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Every business has a unique story. Your story changes your business from ‘just another business trying to sell me stuff’ into a brand, a person, and a story that is interesting and worth investing in.

To produce a great video, you must first take the viewer on a journey, figure out what story you want to tell, and connect with your audience. Video marketing can help you promote and tell your viewers about your brand and increase engagement on your social media channels.

It is also crucial to combine your brand and your product origin– what brought you to your industry, and how did you fill a need with your product?

If you can successfully combine a human anecdote with a problem-busting product that stands in different stead to the competition, then you’re off to a flying start.

Some facts

  • The Video impact on brands will be critical to effective marketing strategies, and increasing brand engagement.
  • Video-on-demand traffic will double by 2022, and social media will be a significant driver of video distribution.
  • Consumers are more sophisticated than ever and attribute video as entertaining, informative, and inspirational. They rely on finding good quality videos over the web.
  • Positioning your product or service will define how you will differ from your competitors.
  • Having a solid positioning will be the base of a great lead generation, branding and sales strategy. 

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How to figure out what story I want to tell?

For the story you want to tell, you must answer some of your customer’s needs and develop different videos to support them. To begin with, you should identify the following:

What are the Elements of a Great Video?

To produce a great video, you must first take the viewer on a journey. Think about what emotion you want your story to have and connect with your customers. Should they laugh, feel happy, or inspired? The next thing to do is to write a script, plan the prop, the location, colors, and wardrobe. Every detail matters. The elements for your framework are:

  • Protagonist: it should align with your target audience
  • Goal: what is the objective of this story
  • Conflict: customers pain point
  • Quest: introduction of your product and service to your audience
  • Resolution: how will your product and service solve your customer’s problem

Simplify your story to solve a viewer’s needs, and you will successfully deliver a great video message. If your video message is not working, then follow the top 5 reasons people don’t watch your video: Symptoms and causes.

For more on video content and video content promotion, read our blog, ‘10 ways to share and promote your video content.’ 

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