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10 Ways to Share and Promote your Video Content

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Share and promote your video content on your social media profiles.

Share and promote your video content cross-platform, especially with YouTube can work wonders in driving users to view it. You can reach your entire base by sharing links on other profiles to funnel them toward your video. Share the link as a post, or put it in the description of your profiles to boost your views.

Also, by pushing traffic from your social media profiles to YouTube, you’ll gain favor with the algorithms by becoming the source of many session starts, which are sessions that originate on certain videos on the platform. Sessions starting on your video show that your video is bringing users to YouTube, which will result in a more favorable organic ranking and more appearances in Suggested Video sections.

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#1. Optimize your video for SEO

Optimize your video for search, go for the video search tab on the result page, google will always favor youtube in search results. When you wish to address all the traffic to your website, make sure you embed your video to your site.

  • Define and search for keywords
  • Add meta description
  • Add captions
  • Add transcript
Optimize Video SEO – Share and Promote

#2. Share and promote a video with your network

Contact your existing network and share and promote your video with them, later return the favor. Put yourself out there and ask people to share your video, without shame, ask colleagues, friends, industry connections, and family. You never know who knows who, so share as much as you can.

#3. Targeted audience: establish time frame and target audience

Videos on social media have low chances of being seen, however, you can occasionally advertise on Twitter and Facebook with targeted audiences. Video views will incredibly increase with a proper campaign. For both platforms, you can drive video views establish a specific time frame and specific target audiences, and reach a more responsive audience. For instance, you can target a specific gender, age, lifestyle, and product that consumers prefer. Beware that doing this too much can dismiss possible new audiences.

Once you are done sharing with your own network, expand that to new viewers by putting a little money behind it. Pay to boost your post on Twitter, Facebook, and others and target keywords and an audience you know would be interested in your content. It does not need to be much, $10-20 when you publish a new video will give it a nice kick start. And if you time it as close to your video launch as possible, it will be viewed favorably by YouTube’s algorithm which looks at early engagement as a strong ranking signal.

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#4. Make it easier to share and promote: add share buttons 

It is easier than you think and it will incentivize people to share your video. Adding a share button is a great call to action. You just need to make sure your video can be shared on different social media platforms. For instance, check out this video from seeker, where share buttons are included in their video.

Share and Promote Video Example – Seeker

#5. Email newsletter: add video thumbnail to stand out

In order to gain exposure, you must share your video with the people that are already engaged with your brand. This way you stand out from the competition and ease heavy email content. Your email subject line should have the word “video” on it.  There are studies that found that video in emails can boost open rates by 20% and increase click-through rates.

#6. Linking video to page in email signature

You will be able to share your video content during sales, marketing and support conversation. Every time this interaction happens, it should be added a link to the page in an email signature. It will definitely help you to boost the engagement of that email.

#7. Twitter feed: pin your video and get higher level of exposure

This strategy will make sure your video is the center of your content. Celebrities and politicians pin their best or recent videos. Be proud of your creation and pin your videos on Twitter feed.

#8. Tease on instagram

Instagram stories are the most engaging feature, it is easy to watch and scan. Tease with your new video and create anticipation. For this, make sure you have already some followers.

#9. Link in bio

In your company links bio add a video link so viewers can learn more about your work, pin your best video and share and promote it to your personal social media.

#10 share your video at an event

Showcase your video at a conference or online event, it will definitely add personality to your presentation 

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