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Search Insights – Youtube’s Latest Keyword Research Feature

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YouTube’s latest analytics feature promises to deliver more focussed search data on what people are looking for on the platform, as well as your channel, boosting your content planning efforts. Currently under testing in YouTube Studio, this new tool aims to give content creators more control and a better view of what people are searching for on the platform.

The Search Insights tool is yet to go live, with YouTube still testing a couple of modules, but as soon as it gets rolled out, the feature is sure to add an exciting new dimension that will boost content creators and YouTube marketers’ efforts.

Before it does, we take a peek at what this new insights feature is all about.

What Is YouTube Search Insights?

Search Insights is being developed in the same frame as Google’s popular Trends tool, but with a uniquely YouTube flavour. It has the potential to unlock access to a wealth of critical data that will play a big role in guiding how you can better optimise content for your audience while gaining a better understanding of what the YouTube community at large is searching for.

Search Insights will give you detailed information about what topics and keywords have been searched on YouTube over the past 28 days. It will be built around two main components:

  • A “ Your Viewers Searches” tab, which displays focused data about your existing audience and what your channel viewers are looking for on the platform.
  • And a second, “Searches Across YouTube” tab that keeps track of search activities and trends across YouTube in general.

This means that you’ll soon be able to gather information on the most frequent YouTube search queries, with important details about YouTube in general as well as your very own audience.

Search Insights will also offer a ‘content gaps’ feature that will give you a powerful advantage over the competition. Content gaps are searches that get flagged by YouTube as something people are searching for but where notably limited or low-quality results available. Think about the potential here to sneak into a segment that nobody has exploited yet!

How can Search Insights Help Me Reach My Audience?

Search Insights has the potential to become a very valuable tool for creators who are looking to perfect their YouTube strategy by optimising their content efforts to align with trending keywords, better understand search patterns and take advantage of untapped corners of the market.

Search Insights will give you vital information on:

  • What your channel audience is searching for. Refine your content and target your viewers more specifically, improving and evolving your videos to keep them happy.
  • What the overall YouTube audience is searching for. Attract a whole new audience you never even knew existed by combing through the insights data and creating new content for an entirely new market.
  • The search volume for specific queries. Take your keyword research to the next level by optimising your titles and descriptions better.
  • Precisely where those untapped “content gaps” are hiding among the thousands of new topics you’ve just discovered.

How to use Search Insights

You’ll find YouTube Search Insights in YouTube Studio. It isn’t carrying any data just yet, but we expect the numbers to make a huge impact as soon as it goes live.

  1. Log into YouTube Studio.
  2. Click on the “Analytics” button on the left-hand side of the page.
  3. Head over to the “Research” section.
  4. Click on the “Your Viewers’ Searches” tab.

    Here you can browse all the information relating to your viewers’ search behaviour. This tab shows you critical audience information specific to your channel. From the top searches conducted by your viewers over the past 28 days to the number of views that particular search terms delivered to your channel, all you need to know about your current audience is right here.

  5. Next, hit the “Searches Across YouTube” tab.

    This information tells us about the much broader YouTube audience in general, based on a specific keyword or search term. Here, the “content gaps” feature comes into play, with Search Insights filtering out the phrases that have the most potential for new content.

  6. Conclusion

    Search Insights isn’t available to everyone just yet, but as soon as it is, you’ll be able to gather critical data on a number of metrics. Search Insights lets you go hunting for info on search trends and information on two fronts – your channel and across YouTube in general – that will go a long way towards helping you refine and perfect your overall content strategy.

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