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How Many Times You Should Publish On YouTube

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Did you ever wonder how many times should you publish on YouTube? That is a tricky question that many creators think about.

While there is no magical formula to publish on YouTube, there are a few variables that you can implement and monitor. More importantly, you need to keep your audience engaged and ensure they don’t forget about you and your channel. See the following eight tips that can help you to start with a proper plan.

#1. Schedule and consistency

Developing a schedule to publish on YouTube is essential. You need to decide on a specific day and time. Your subscribers will expect new posts from you at that particular time, so don’t disappoint them; you want to keep them engaged and grow your subscriber base. If you decide that you post a new video on Fridays at 3 pm, stick to it. This will make it easier to oversee the view and subscriber count. Setting a deadline gives you the chance to be consistent. The expectation is critical.

Nevertheless, it is also possible to succeed with the channel regardless of upload schedules; there will always be exceptions. You can follow on any schedule if the content is fantastic and has momentum. 

#2. Managing a successful YouTube channel takes time

Once you have decided the day and time to publish on YouTube, dedicate another day to elements like developing new and great content, promoting current videos, writing great descriptions and optimising your channel. Also, do not forget the importance of entering all metadata such as title, descriptions and tags, and answering the comments. Setting a timeline for doing such things are critical to the success of your channel.

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#3. Bank YouTube Videos when inspiration strike

It could happen that one weekend you have the time and you are inspired; instead of publishing a large number of videos at once, create the material and make the videos but don’t publish them yet, make them private. Even though it can be tempting to abandon your schedule, please don’t do it; stick to it.  Create a bank of videos that you can later edit or improve or use when you don’t have the time to create more, like for the holidays.

# 4. Have realistic expectations

When you are setting your schedule to publish your videos on Youtube, be realistic with the amount of time that you have. Analyse how much time you need searching, creating, editing, shooting the video, posting, etc. Make a timetable, schedule for all the little tasks that are part of the process and make it happen without feeling frustrated. 

Never make your schedule based on what other YouTubers are doing. Every person is different, and each one has a different lifestyle; what works for one person might not work for everyone.  

Publishing on YouTube 1 time per week is a pretty standard schedule. However, you need to evaluate if you have a full-time job where you might not have room for posting one time per week but every two weeks as long as you produce great content.

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# 5. Evergreen content

It would help if you thought in the long term about what will help you keep going even when you don’t feel inspired. Choose topics that you love, and talk about them; it will give you the best chance of enduring the journey. It simply makes the process easier because it’s nicer to work on something you like.

Evergreen content is content that has a long shelf-life. This type of content will always be pertinent and helpful to viewers in the months, if not years to come. 

# 6. Check analytics to identify your prime time

To identify your channel’s prime time, you need to go to your YouTube Channel, tap on analytics and then the audience. See the section called “When your viewers are on YouTube” and identify the time zone of your niche. In this graphic, you will see a display of different tones of purple; the darkest purple bars are when your audience is watching your videos.

The day that you have the most views is dark purple bars. Consider when those bars start and post your videos two hours before that time.

# 7 . Consider the demographics of your audience

Identifying the type of videos and the audience are 2 of the most critical variables you should monitor to plan better when releasing a new video. It would be great that after spending so much time filming, creating and editing, your videos could reach the right audience. 

# 8. The best days and times to publish on YouTube

Frederator Networks Collected data across their network (over 1,300 channels) and discovered that the best days to post on YouTube are on Thursdays and Fridays, and the best times are between 12 and 3 pm

Best Hours to Publish on YouTube

The most densely populated, internet-active users are during weekdays between 2 and 4 pm EST, meaning that the best time to upload a video is late afternoon when most users are online.

You need to publish on YouTube a few hours early because it will take time for Google and YouTube to index your videos and populate search results.

Ultimately, the quality of the content is the most important thing you can do, more than any frequency.

To sum up:

  • Quality content over quantity
  • Evaluate your unique data in your Youtube channel and analytics
  • Promote your content in your social media accounts. 
  • Encourage viewers to click the notification icon on your video
  • Consistency
  • Best days: Thursdays and Friday
  • Best hours: between 12 and 3 pm

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