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How To Use Interactive Video & Maximise Its Potential

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What interactive video can do for your business is remarkably good. Learn the types of interactive videos and steps in the process.

Interactive video (IV) is a new and exciting media format that is transforming how customers interact with video content. No longer are videos simply for passive viewing only, with IV’s capacity to allow users to engage directly with brands and businesses through the screen, creating a richer, more immersive experience than ever before.

According to research by Mobile Marketer, interactive videos can boost viewing times by 47% and boast an impressive 11% conversion rate – ten times higher than traditional Google Ads conversion rates! These numbers point to the untapped potential of interactive video, just waiting to be taken advantage of. 

While interactive videos are unfamiliar to many people, very soon, concepts like hotspots, overlays and branching will come to dominate video content creation as videos get smarter, more interactive, and more engaging. We discuss the main types of interactive videos, the elements that make them so exciting, and explore what you’ll need to do to turn a conventional video into an interactive one.

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A Breakdown of Interactive Video Key Features

Interactive videos take a traditional video one step further by allowing users to manipulate what happens when they click on them. While many of us are used to pausing a video or being unwittingly redirected to a link when we hit the mouse button, with interactive videos, you’ll be able to see and choose what and where to click.


Hotspots are the clickable areas within an interactive video. Clicking on a hotspot will take a user to a new location or reveal further information to them. There are two types of hotspots: Static and Sticky hotspots. Sticky hotspots will follow a person or animated image around the page in sync with the clip and are brilliant for increasing engagement.


Overlays are the popups that appear when users click on a hotspot. Overlays can be anything, from a link to a website or another location within the video to downloadable content and data capture forms. They may even launch embedded video boxes or quizzes.


Branching is a key interactive video feature that is becoming the mainstay of IV progression. This feature offers users a choice (and people LOVE choice) between two or more options that will affect the outcome of the video experience. Branching is ideally suited for storytelling and – if done right – can take your interactive video experience to a whole new level of engagement.

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Ways to Put Interactive to Work for You

Interactive videos work well for keeping people interested in the workable aspects of the video itself, which means benefits including more traffic and engagement with your business. While the roles played by IV’s can be endless, here are a couple of the more prominent ones:

  • Sales & Conversions –allows users to click on hotspots that redirect them to shopping sites or even add items to their baskets.
  • Product Demos – lets users explore products more intimately, using 3D modelling and even pre-recorded demonstrations, conducted in varying circumstances that a user can choose from.
  • Story Telling – gives users the power to choose between multiple options, affecting the outcome of their experience. Here, clever branching options can transform the user experience.
  • Data Capturing – opens opportunities for users to click and enter data without having to pause or redirect away from the clip. 

How to Make an IV

Creating an interactive video is pretty much the same a putting a regular video together for your business, with the added step of giving it interactive features. It’s actually pretty simple. Once you’ve planned, written, and shot or animated your regular video, see Video Content for your Business blog, you’ll need to use interactive video software to add in the clickable elements. 

Software including Vixy and HiHaHo are relatively affordable and easy to use. While each offers its own features and pricing options, Adobe Captivate is a great starting point – especially for educational or e-learning content. HiHaHo also includes a free trial period that will let you get a feel for IV software before making a purchase.

Interactive video is here to stay and will soon be at the forefront of the video content revolution. Focussed on boosting interaction and engagement, IVs are great tools for enhancing your brand, increasing conversion rates, and keeping people interested. 

While using interactive videos is pretty straightforward, as this intriguing media format evolves and adapts to the demands of e-commerce, we expect to see exciting, innovative developments happening very soon.

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