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How to Get YouTube Subscribers and Reach the Next Level with your Channel

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Ask viewers to subscribe, it’s as simple as that! With YouTube subscribers you will maximize your organic reach.

Remind the viewer what’s in it for them and what they will get out of subscribing to the channel. Obtaining more YouTube subscribers is a way to maximize your organic reach. You’ve done the hard part in getting people to watch your content, now you should ask them to subscribe as sometimes they just need a little reminding. This can be something you suggest in the video or as a final scene in the video.

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Like all viewer action you try to drive online, this works better with a good incentive. The reason can be as simple as a reminder not to miss future videos like the one they just enjoyed. 

“If I tell you why you should subscribe. If I tell you what’s in it for you and what it is that you are going to get out of subscribing to my YouTube channel, it becomes a lot more inviting.” YouTube: ‘Proven Way To Increase YouTube Subscribers (How to Ask)’

– Nick Nimmin
How to ask YouTube subscribers from Nick Nimmin channel

How long does it usually take to get 100 YouTube subscribers?

When you start your channel you wish to grow fast, but first you need to define a few factors, such as your niche, your style, editing, quality and frequency. In addition to that, your posting needs to be appealing, have titles, descriptions, thumbnails and tags. On average it could take 3-4 months. It is very important to have good SEO practice and consistency, because the wrong action can make your video unnoticed.

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How to get YouTube subscribers? We tell you how!

Ask viewers to subscribe at the end of the video. Why? Because the ending of your video should have a hint of what is coming next, this gives an anticipation feeling, therefore it will encourage people to subscribe. We are talking about a visual platform that shows you constantly what is next. Take advantage of that.

YouTube Subscribers Example from Seeker YouTube channel

It is good to interact with your audience and build a community. Engage with all the comments and questions. Take your time to do so. Your audience will be more likely to continue watching. 

Focus on your channel branding, it is key to display the correct images and icons. Upload a picture for your banner, profile icon and water mark. In addition to that, write an appealing, catchy and clear channel description. Channel description has a major impact in SEO. It tells you what the channel is about and this encourages people to subscribe. Go to customize channel, studio, customization and then branding and basic info.

If you asked during the video, repeat the ask at the end when the viewer is free to take their next action. Add a compelling call to action to subscribe. End cards with a large Subscribe button can subtly motivate your viewer to subscribe. Find out Ways to ask viewer to subscribe here.

7 tips to make the subscription process easier and appealing

Great Description, Thumbnail Design and Subscribe Examples from Jonna Jinton YouTube channel
  1. Offer value from content: giving information about the video as much as possible
  2. Deliver creative thumbnails
  3. Display at the end card your next video from your channel and add link to related videos
  4. Branding watermark allows viewers to subscribe
  5. Be innovative in your creations and experiment a little
  6. Have an understanding of what your audience likes on your channel
  7. Youtube SEO and keyword search: include your keywords in your descriptions, video tags and vocabulary of your video content

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Getting more views and subscribers on YouTube is all about understanding what the YouTube algorithm and what users are looking for. Thankfully, YouTube has a wide variety of factors in its algorithm to decide which videos are the best and to make visible in its search results.

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