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How GaryVee Won the Video Game (And How You Can Too)

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You have seen him on TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube… You have seen him everywhere!!

Unless you have been living under the rock, you have heard of Gary Vaynerchuk. While his brass and outspoken personality might not appeal to everyone, he dominates the social media landscape with 9+ million followers on Instagram, 3.5+ million subscribers on YouTube, and a similar enormous presence on other platforms. He’s equally dominant on TikTok, a channel billed primarily for teenagers, as he is on LinkedIn, a more professional platform intended primarily for executives.

A serial entrepreneur with multiple accolades, GaryVee is loud, practical, and everywhere.

And one of the biggest factors that have propelled him to the limelight is his videos, which underline his entrepreneurial acumen and impeccable communication capabilities.

For a video creator or a business owner that’s trying to tap on the magic of video marketing, GaryVee leaves a trail of lessons on how he built such an incredible brand value and created multiple multi-million dollar businesses… lessons that you can apply in your own case to win the social media game with videos.

Here are some lessons on how GaryVee conquered the social media game with videos:

  1. Follow the GaryVee content model

    Here’s what GaryVee content model is all about:

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    Simply put, in the present context, the idea behind this model is to create one long-form video (pillar) and then chop it into smaller pieces of videos for distribution across different platforms. So, your one piece of pillar leads to multiple websites that can keep your social media feeds busy for days and even weeks.

    This is one of the models that have worked marvelously for GaryVee in ensuring he is constantly engaging with his audience through his videos.

    Follow this same model in your case and publish videos accordingly.

  2. Bring more value

    Go through the video content of Gary. All of them have a certain purpose. They don’t exist to make any statement but rather to provide value to the audience. And then you’re delivering high value to your TG, guess what those people will do? They will return; they will become your brand advocate. There’s a reason why Gary has such a tight-knitted tribe of followers/fans who feel passionate about him.

    So, make sure every piece of video you produce holds high utility and/or entertainment value.

  3. Be free to experiment more

    Go to Gary’s YouTube and check out his timeline. He isn’t playing by any rule; he is consistently experimenting. He posts videos of different durations at different times of the day.

    Many creators think too much about the details, which hampers the speed of their execution.

    One of the keys to grow your YouTube channel is to always experiment, learn from that experiment and then improve. This is what Gary does!

  4. On-point titles and descriptions

    Gary’s videos are always accompanied by excellent titles and descriptions. Mind you, these titles and descriptions aren’t Buzzfeed-esque; they aren’t sensational or controversial. What’s separates them from the crowd is their relevancy to the target audience.

    Gary knows who his audience is; who he is serving. The titles and descriptions of his videos are relevant and very targeted to his audience, triggering the latter’s pain points. They aren’t filled with unnecessary keywords. They have emotional appeal.

    So, as a first step, make sure you understand your target audience. Second, use a good YouTube title and description generator (Also, use AI YouTube search optimization solution to do better on the SEO front!)

  5. Tapping on personal brand

    Every YouTube thumbnail on his channel has his face right upfront. That’s because his face is his brand’s biggest asset. That’s the power of personal branding.

    (Besides, putting up a face on a YouTube thumbnail, instead of some random graphic, also wins the trust of the audience, compelling them to click!)

    So, make sure your thumbnails also have your face. All the while, focus on your personal brand.

  6. Unnerving consistency

    You will never find a day in the past few years when Gary hasn’t posted something on his social media. He’s relentless with the number of videos he produces. This level of consistency separates him from his peers. It keeps him connected to his audience all the time.

    So, if you want to succeed on YouTube, or social media marketing in general, it’s important that you’re regularly publishing videos (short-form, long-form); multiple times a day in fact.

    Consistency is the single most important thing that has made Gary a success on social media. And it’s one of the things that can push you to success as well.

Final words

Sure, Gary has a large team that creates videos for him. And also, yes, Gary himself is an exceptional and charismatic speaker that makes his videos outstanding. But then that doesn’t mean you can’t replicate his success. There are many creators and businesses who have amassed similar success but with very different types and forms of videos.

So, there’s no defined rule as to what type of video you should publish and what topic you should cover. It comes down to your own needs, interests, and business objective. But when it comes to growing the reach of those videos and, as a result, building a dominant social media presence, GaryVee is the master you can take lessons from.

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