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Grow your YouTube Channel with Video Series

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Grow your YouTube Channel with Video Series

Video series can help you to convert viewers into subscribers, and they usually have a higher engagement value.

Good video content creates value and helps build a brand with an engaged audience. A popular video series most depends on the story you’re telling to your viewers. Videos tend to go viral if they have a high-quality production value and are engagingly packaged with strong branding.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while working on the video series:

  1. A well-researched video series in a niche category helps to build strong followers
    Do proper research and find out if the topic you are working on has enough takers or not. Follow the trend and target relevant keywords with higher search volume.

  2. Optimize each Video in the series thoroughly
    It is necessary to YouTube search optimize every video in the series thoroughly. Video titles, descriptions and tags should have the targeted keywords and phrases.
  3. Create promos videos
    The promo videos helps to keep your viewers engaged and aware of the upcoming episodes. It also helps in setting the right expectations among the viewers.

  4. Answer the question “What’s in it for me?” within the first 60 seconds of the video.
    Video view time is one of the main factors YouTube takes to rank content better, which is why videos that answer viewers’ questions should be short. For example, if people are looking for solutions and you can do it within 1 minute, the viewers tend to spend more time on such videos.
  5. Build a community on Social Media
    Once you engage the audiences with the video series, the next step is to engage them in the Social Media platform. Here you keep engaging them with regular trending information, trivia, etc.


A video series helps increase the creator’s views, subscriptions, and brand value on YouTube.

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