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Grow Your YouTube Channel with Giveaways

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Giveaways are a great YouTube subscribe booster.

But before you begin, check out this guidance.

Set Goals

Multiple research has proven that setting SMART goals increased success.

The SMART goal planner template, developed by Hugo is a great place to start. This can be downloaded from their website.

Spread the Word

  • Use the competition as a YouTube channel booster before it happens.
  • Advertise and promote on your social media platforms.
  • Create YouTube videos giving details about the competition.
  • This will gain interest from your audience, and they may encourage others, who are not yet fans, to participate.

    Is the offer irresistible?

    Your offer needs to be something your audience will compete for. They may also encourage others, who may not be viewers yet, to do so as well. It is a fantastic opportunity for YouTube channel optimization.

    It doesn’t have to be an expensive prize. It could be a shout out on your next video or a Q&A session.
    Make sure the prize is relevant, appealing and easy to deliver.

    Do some competitor analysis with a YouTube competitor analysis tool and see their giveaways if you are stuck for ideas.

    Entry Requirements

  • How will your audience enter the competition?
  • Do they comment on your entry video, or will you set them a challenge?
  • Will it be a random draw or, in the case of a challenge, the winner takes all?
  • The SMART goal setter will help you answer these questions.

    Identify and Define Rules

    YouTube have their own rules and regulations surrounding giveaways. You can check these here. Make sure to abide by them or you could get shut down.

    You also need to check your local laws and regulations around lottery and prize giveaways.

    You also need to consider the following:

  • Who can enter your contest?
  • How many times can they enter?
  • What should be included in their submission? A comment, video, image?
  • If a video, how long should it be, for example.

  • What is the start and end date for submissions?
  • How will the winner be chosen and notified?
  • Partner Up

    If your channel is a new kid on the block, fret not. Every YouTube channel started this way.
    Consider teaming up with influencers that your audience admire, respect and follow.
    Maybe partner up with a brand that aligns with yours and your audiences’ interests, to
    boost YouTube channel and do some product video marketing.

    Follow Up

    The end of the competition can be a YouTube tool to grow audience.
    Announce the winner(s) in a video to peak the interest of your viewers.

    Then create a second video to thank everyone for their participation. This will make your viewers and subscribers feel valued and keep them loyal.


    Giveaways are a great tool to make it as a YouTube growing channel, but not the only method.

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