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Grow Your YouTube Channel with a Cross Promotion

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Teaming up with a fellow YouTube creator to promote YouTube videos, share and grow each other’s audience is a great way to grow your YouTube channel.

But if you’re new to video creation and have a small number of followers, the prospect can be a daunting one.

Where do you start?!

Find Someone Who Compliments You

Start with your current subscriber list. Find another creator who already likes what you do and is also looking to grow their channel.

Find people who are doing similar things to you and whose audiences have similar interests. You can also use demographic and location targeting. Compatibility is key.

Check YouTube hashtag use and a YouTube keyword tool to see who is using similar keywords on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

Whoever you choose, there must be mutual value being added to each other’s channels and viewers.

Deliver the Cross Promotion in an Effective Way

There are different ways that you could cross promote with another creator successfully.

  • Host each other’s content.
    This is how to get 1000 subscribers on YouTube free as opposed to a YouTube paid promotion.
  • Feature each other.
    You could feature each other on your channels through Featured Channels on YouTube.
  • Give a shout out.
    If you are both working on similar topics you can give each other a shout out in your videos, or provide a link to the video in your description as a source of inspiration. Your audience is already watching a video on a topic they like, so it’s not a huge stretch to ask them to watch another video, with similarly enjoyable content. This method can be used as a closed loop with other creators where all roads lead back to your channel eventually.
  • Promote each other on social media.
    This YouTube marketing strategy involves mentioning another creator on your page or sharing a video of theirs.
  • Likes, favorites and comments.
    These will show up in your subscribers’ feeds and lead them to other people’s channels, and vice versa.
  • Guest blogging.
    If your chosen creator(s) has a website, you can write a blog for it. This will get you noticed by their audience, and lead them to your website, channel and social media pages.

Promote the Cross Promotion

Build anticipation for the cross-promotion videos. Make a stand-alone video excitedly announcing your next video. Mentioning that your fellow creator has a video that they should also watch on a similar topic. This will not only build anticipation for your upcoming video(s), but will also lead your audience to check out the channel you are cross promoting.

Cross Promote Your Own Channel

Once you have created your video, create a snippet for your other social media pages.
Your cross-promotion partner(s) should do the same. This will lead your audiences to the same videos, and each other’s channels.

Check the Results

Use YouTube analytics tools and do a YouTube channel growth check to see the results of your efforts.

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