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Build an Engaged Community on Your Channel

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People like to feel part of a community. Listen, connect and interact with your audience. Get to know and understand them. This will foster a sense of community and build a loyal audience.

Follow the tips below to start building your YouTube community.

  • Ask Your Audience Questions
    What do they like about your video creation? What are their problems? What are their personal experiences in the area? Encourage them to engage.
  • Personalise and Take Requests
    Give your fans a special name. Keep them up to date on your life. Encourage them to share your videos. Encourage viewers to make suggestions for videos they would like to see… and create them!
  • Use YouTube video SEO

    YouTube Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will help rank your videos higher in viewers search results.

    Use relevant keywords in your title, descriptions, tags and thumbnails. A video title generator could help.

    Write 1-2 key-word rich paragraphs to describe your video content. Include keywords at the beginning. Use a YouTube description generator to help you.

    Give your audience strong CTA’s. Like! Subscribe! Share! Watch more! And provide links to your website and social media page.

    Use tags for your videos that might be included in your audience’s search. See your competitors tags, or use a tag finder for YouTube.

  • Brand Your Channel
    Having a strong brand helps you share your vision with your audience. Spend time designing avatars, channel descriptions and social media pages to boost YouTube channel.
  • Subtitles and Closed Captions
    A recent case study showed that close captioned YouTube videos have 40 percent more views than ones without. Having this feature also acts as a YouTube subscribe booster. Only 250 million of the 2 billion YouTube users are from the UK and the US. This leaves a large audience to reach with subtitles.
  • Add a Channel Trailer
    A channel trailer will play automatically when anyone visits your page. Make it short (30s-2mins) informative and clear. This could be the key to subscriber conversion optimization.
  • Video Length
    A study by the University of Massachusetts found that only around 50% of the audience remained 5 minutes through a 10-minute video. Keep your video 7-15 minutes long to maximise viewer engagement. Not possible? Then do a series in playlist format.
  • Use the YouTube Video Analytics Tool
    Views, watch time, subscribers, and any estimated revenue will be shown here. Analyse the data to create more and better content for your community.
  • Embed Videos Onto Social Media
    This will guarantee you more views. Not only will this promote your video, but when viewers click on the video, they will be taken to your YouTube channel seamlessly.
  • Give subscribers gifts/promos
    Nothing makes someone feel more VIP than a gift with product video marketing. Get your audience shouting yours and your products praises across the net with a cheeky little promo.Enact some of these tips today and begin building an engaged YouTube community on your channel.

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