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How to create better YouTube video titles [5 tips]

How to create better video titles

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Did you ever wonder how to create better video titles? That is a question that many creators think about. While there is no magical formula, there are a few tips that can make the difference.

Hopefully, by now you realise how vital YouTube is to SEO (vital) and just how much traffic it can bring your business (a lot!!). But to rank and attract viewers you need strong video titles. Here are 5 tips to better YouTube video titles.

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How to create better YouTube video titles – 5 tips

1. Use descriptive and keyword-rich titles

A descriptive and interesting title will do two things: provide keywords for the algorithm to sort for relevancy purposes and attract users and inform them about what the video is about.

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2. Keyword in title

It is very important that you use your keyword in your title, ideally at the beginning of the title.

This is required for two reasons. First, Youtube needs to understand what your video is about. Using your primary keywords in your title highlights how important that keyword is to the overall content. Second, people searching the web and YouTube are more likely to click on a title that contains the word they are visually scanning the results for.

And while the keyword in the title is vital, you will get even better results the closer the title closely matches the keyphrase the viewer is searching for.

3. Descriptive

Descriptive Video SEO Titles YouTube

Be clear about what the viewer is clicking through to see. Even better, describe what they will take away with after viewing the video. For example, a video about the running shoes released this year could be titled “See all the new releases in running shoes this year”. But focusing on what the viewer will take away could change the title to “Choose the best running shoe released this year as we compare and test the latest releases”

best youtube video titles clickable titles - seo

4. Attractively clickable

This could be a whole other book and in fact, there are many marketing and advertising books purely on creating great headlines. This is where your marketing and copywriting skills come in to help you craft a headline that entices a viewer to click. The viewers drive could be purely informational. Does this video answer my question? Or maybe the viewer is looking for inspiration and fantasy so will respond to a title selling them a dream. It is important to understand the frame of mind of your audience searching for your content.

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5. Length

Google shortens page titles somewhere around 60-70 characters. While your video title can be long it is important that you get your keyword and reason to click at the start. So if it does get cut short, the title is still effective.

Bonus tip: Use the word ‘Video’ in your title. It will not directly benefit you on YouTube itself but will greatly help when people are searching for videos on your keyword on other search engines.

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