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5 Great Ideas To Reach The Right YouTube Audience

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In a perfect world, our YouTube videos would be seen by each and every person on the planet. But crafting videos for YouTube that reach the right audience is both a science and an art. Aside from the insane levels of competition you’re up against, most of the more than 2 billion monthly YouTube users will never even stumble across your channel unless they search specifically for your videos.

Reaching the right people can be a tricky challenge. Besides identifying and targeting your specific market niche (which can also be a big ask), your videos need to be accessible to the people they’ll appeal to the most. With a bit of innovation and some intelligent strategizing, you can quickly go from fighting to survive as just another channel to a YouTube titan with a growing subscriber base and a legion of loyal audience members in no time.

We look at 5 tips and strategies that will have your videos arriving on the watchlists of your perfect target audience, taking your YouTube strategy to the next level!

5 Ways to Promote Your YouTube Videos

  1. Optimise your Video

    OK, this is YouTube success 101. Optimising your videos is the first step in ensuring your audience will be able to find them via search engines on YouTube, Bing or Google. Ensure your video descriptions contain those crucial keywords , throw in a couple of hashtags, and keep your titles descriptive, the right length and attractive.

  2. Be Consistent

    YouTube audiences are looking for something specific – so give it to them. Creating content that switches from one topic to another is a sure-fire way to confuse YouTube’s algorithm and your viewers. Figure out what you’re good at, make sure people will find it interesting or helpful, and focus on creating content around that topic.

  3. Promote, Market & Share

    If people can’t see you, they can find you. Social media platforms outside of the YouTube universe are perfect for leveraging some exposure and driving new audiences to your channel – after all, 90% of YouTube audiences overlap with other platforms. Always be posting links to your content on SM platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

  4. Engage with Your Audience & Create a Community

    People want to be heard and to feel like they belong. Successful YouTubers are experts at building communities around their channels, creating a culture among their followers. How do they do this? They engage with them. Besides hearing valuable feedback from your audience, you’ll also be seen as a ‘hands-on’ creator, willing to reach out to the people who are watching your videos.

  5. Use YouTube’s Tools

    YouTube has evolved into a platform that gives you access to critical data and metrics that are great to use to inform your strategy. From clicks and impressions to conversions and average viewing times, this valuable information can tell you what your audience is really interested in seeing, allowing you to refine and perfect your next video. Tools like YouTube’s Attention Score and vidIQ’s Chrome Extension will provide you with valuable info.

    YouTube is also launching an exciting new analytics feature soon. YouTube Search Insights promises to change how we interpret and analyse search and audience data.


Whether you’re targeting an exclusive niche or looking to become the next PewDiePie, without the means to reach the people you’re making YouTube content for, trying to grow your channel is hopeless.

Successfully reaching the right audience isn’t rocket science, but it can take a little time before you start seeing results. Be patient, stay consistent, use the tools at your disposal and stay focused on reaching the people who matter the most!

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