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3 Golden Rules to Grow Your YouTube Channel in 2022

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Did you know YouTube has more than 2 billion logged-in monthly users?

That’s the biggest pool of opportunity for businesses to achieve exceedingly high scalability. And this is even more fitting for independent creators in the present creator economy where growth opportunities are in abundance.

But here’s another number: There are more than 51 million YouTube channels.

So, while you can easily create a channel on the platform in just a few clicks, growing it is a gigantic task at hand. The hyper-competition in almost every niche on YouTube makes the barriers of growth unrealistically impossible for new entrants.

Fortunately, there are a few fundamental principles that can help you address the prevalent challenges and unlock the desired results. As such, here are the five golden rules to grow your YouTube channel in 2022:

  1. Don’t overthink “quality”

    Yes, the quality of the content is the single most important thing. But you cannot be paralyzed by perfectionism; you shouldn’t let that stop you from publishing videos on YouTube just because you think they aren’t good enough.

    Remember, your 100th video would be infinitely better than your first one.

    So, you have to start with something and somewhere.

    Stop overthinking about the “quality” aspect; start anyway and improve the quality of the videos as you move forward. Getting to better quality is a process that’s ever-going. Don’t obsess over it to the point that it prevents you from publishing videos.

  2. Learn about (and implement) YouTube SEO

    One of the most important aspects of YouTube SEO is the title of your video. The title is what will appear in search results and what viewers will see on their subscription feeds. You want to make sure it’s keyword-rich and also describes your video accurately so that users who see it in search results know exactly what they’re going to get when they click play.

    Take a look at a few different videos from your favorite creators to see how they are doing this. Ideally, you would want to incorporate the keywords you are targeting for that piece of content into your title.

    Another key aspect of YouTube SEO is the description section of your video. If a user clicks on a video and sees something interesting, they may click away because they were expecting something entirely different. However, if the description seems to match what was displayed in the thumbnail or preview image, the user might stay and watch it anyway.

    Titles and descriptions are just a few aspects of the larger scheme that is YouTube SEO.

    If you want to grow your YouTube channel, you want to learn a few things about YouTube search optimization. So, spend some time learning about video keywords optimization, YouTube thumbnail (that drives more CTR), video content marketing, and YouTube title and description generator.

  3. Consistency, consistency, consistency

    In November 2021, MrBeast gained 9.2 million subscribers. Yes, that many subscribers, in just one month!!! When he started, it took him years to get to his first million subscribers.

    So, what worked for him?

    Of course, his outrageously interesting ideas for videos. But also consistency.

    The same mantra worked even for Casey Neistat, the YouTube OG, who daily vlogged for nearly two years, now sitting on over 12 million subscribers and unimaginable success.

    So, if you’re just starting, understand that it may take years to even see some tangible returns from your efforts. The key here is to keep putting in the work, keep on improving, and back consistency with resiliency.

    Your videos, provided they check all the fundamental boxes, will get more and more traction, eventually bringing you the returns you have wished for all along.

Final words

Of course, these are just a few golden rules to grow your YouTube channel. There are plenty more; some of them are more fundamental (like reading all the comments under the videos) and others are more tactical (like running ads on TikTok).

Check out this video for more insights:

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In the end, what matters is that you’re putting in the hard work – and that hard work is built on smart data of yesterday, as well as market and competitors in general.

So, start your YouTube channel and tap on all the opportunities that exist today to build something tangible and valuable.

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