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10 Tips To Promote Your Videos On Youtube

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Creating amazing video content for your YouTube channel is hard work. The perfect video can take time, effort and patience to get just right. So why do we often log onto YouTube only to find videos that are not nearly as good as your content are ranking well, earning millions of clicks, and are going viral? YouTube can be very fussy when it comes to which videos they choose to promote. Every day, the platform is tweaking and updating its algorithm to maximise its value to viewers and figuring out exactly what to do to get YouTube to promote your content can be a tough task.

However, with a bit of patience and some clever creativity, you can give your YouTube videos everything they need to rocket up those rankings, earning you more clicks, more money and more attention. We take a look at some simple tricks and tips that will help you promote your videos on YouTube, giving them the boost they need to do well on the world’s largest video platform.

10 Ways to Promote Your YouTube Video

  1. Increase Your Click-Through Rate
    The click-through rate (CTR) represents the percentage of people watching your video who end up clicking on a link that takes them to a web page. CTR’s are vital in measuring if your video is of value to audiences, and the YouTube algorithm sees them as an essential ranking factor. A better rate means YouTube are more likely to recommend your video to others in the ‘Suggested Videos’ column.

  2. Polish and Re-Use your Old Videos
    Just because a video you posted months ago didn’t get the attention you’d hoped for, it doesn’t mean it’s worthless. In fact, giving your old videos a quick makeover can breathe new life into them – and your promo efforts.

    Give your ageing content a refreshed title, new tags, a bigger, better description, and touch up the thumbnails – you’d be surprised at how effective this can be. Besides, re-optimising old content is far quicker than starting from scratch.

  3. Make a New Video Your Channel Trailer
    The YouTube Channel Trailer feature is a great way to convert one-time visitors into subscribers. Thinking about using current, fresh content in this trailer space not only gives new visitors a peek into what they can expect to see but is a great promo tool for capturing casual brewers and converting them into loyal subscribers.

  4. Create Your Videos Using New Info
    This simple but effective strategy involves creating videos using YouTube’s “suggested videos ” section for feedback on what to do right. By looking at which videos YouTube is suggesting to you to watch (essentially promoting them to you), you can get a good idea of what works for these featured videos. Then, create content that boasts similar qualities, like pacing, graphics, and content delivery, to name but a few, that aligns with what these successful videos have.

  5. Optimize Your Videos Around Trending Keywords
    Yes, we all know about keywords, but what do we know about how shifting keyword trends affect your video promotion efforts? Well, keyword popularities are constantly changing, and a good idea is to do a little research on the latest trends before adding them into your descriptions and metadata. This will keep your video relevant to the latest shifts in fads and user interests, ranking better.

  6. Use Consistent Branding in All Your Videos
    This is very important for successful YouTube video promotion. From colours and fonts to branding and tone, try to keep a common theme, look and feel across all of your YouTube videos. Subscribers want consistency – give it to them.

  7. Increase the Average View Duration of Your Videos
    Despite the common misconception that short and sweet is good, when it comes to YouTube, longer is always better. Logic might say that people are more likely to watch 80% of a 60-sec video than 25% of a 20 minute one, but those numbers translate to 48 seconds and 300 seconds, respectively. See why longer is better?

    YouTube automatically ranks videos higher based on the total amount of time people are likely to spend watching them rather than the proportion of your video they’ll see.

  8. Boost Promotions in a Community Post
    Community posts in the YouTube Community Tab are probably one of the most overlooked promotional tools available to your channel. Community posts are like a written trailer for your upcoming video, and anyone who has seen it is very likely to watch your video once it gets posted since they already know about it.

  9. Use Online Forums and Q&A Sites in your Video Promotion
    Taking your video promotion beyond YouTube opens a host of alternate marketing options. Sites like Quora and Reddit are heavily relied upon by people looking for answers in new content. These accessible promo platforms will drive hordes of new viewers your way.

  10. Collaborating With Different Channels
    Creators need to stick together, and what better way to promote your new video content than by roping in the help of different channels in your niche? Collaborations, where you create videos for other channels, can open audience floodgates by allowing you to tap into their followers, creating opportunities to attract new subscribers.


From booming CRT’s to high-quality content, re-purposing old videos, to community posts and channel trailers, there are loads of quick and easy tactics that will keep your YouTube promo efforts going strong. Remember to keep an eye on how YouTube ranks videos and keep your content updated and fresh.

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