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Vudini is the only fast & scalable Google-certified publishing platform powered by AI

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High CTR / Low CPA: You don’t need to be an SEO wizard or hire a media guru to rank your videos on YouTube
With Vudini, your channel will:

Get discovered

Grow viewer-base

Atract more
high-intent traffic

Spend less time & cost
with SEO & Marketing

AI does all the heavy lifting

Vudini concentrates on the ranking science & automation

Vudini Ranks videos & landing pages in the top results at scale
by adding the right keywords into the fabric videos & publishing on YouTube & Google

Rank AI ™ Technology

Vudini’s proprietary AI “studies” why videos rank higher based on keywords, topics & geography, then provides suggestions to optimize the description & title.

Boost Legacy Videos

New keyword strategy for existing videos to boost ranking and get re-discovered by new audience.

Publishing & Distribution

Coming soon:

  • AI Thumbnail generator based on you keywords
  • Based on your YouTube video, instantly, generate a Landing page & publish on Google
  • Enable commerce from your Video

Simple process & quick results

1. Video & Goals

Upload your video and define the target audience & geography

2. Keywords & Thumbnails

Select high profile tags from our Keyword tool and upload thumbnails

3. Ranking AI

Generate high scoring content and tags based on your keywords and target audience

4. Publish

Schedule or publish your video automatically on YouTube & Google

Audited & approved by YouTube & Google

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Maximize your video’s CTR

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